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Hex Bolt

Hex bolt is the most common fastener in machinery industry, Piping and transmission. Hex bolts are also used in construction like Dam construction, bridge construction, etc.
Hex bolts are produced using Class 5.6, 8.8, 10.9 and 12.9 rods each providing the end product with special specifications. The mentioned classes are internationally used and have their equivalent standards in American system Grades 1, 2, 5 and 8. Higher classes have higher tensile and are crunchier.
Hex bolts are manufactured with Coarse threads usually and some times with Fine thread as requested. Different standards are defined for hex bolts in DIN, ASTM and ISO system. the most well known standards used are DIN933 Full threaded hex bolts, DIN931 Half Threaded hex bolts, DIN6914 Heavy Hex bolts.
Proof load for standard pitch hex bolts are defined in the table below

Class 12.9 Class 10.9 Class 9.8 Class 8.8 SIZE
1380 Kg 1180 Kg 923 Kg 820 Kg M5
1950 Kg 1670 Kg 1310 Kg 1160 Kg M6
3550 Kg 3040 Kg 2380 Kg 2120 Kg M8
5630 Kg 4810 Kg 3770 Kg 3370 Kg M10
8180 Kg 7000 Kg 5480 Kg 4890 Kg M12
15200 Kg 13000 Kg 10200 Kg 9100 Kg M16
23800 Kg 20300 Kg N/A 14700 Kg M20
34200 Kg 29300 Kg N/A 21200 Kg M24
54400 Kg 46600 Kg N/A 33700 Kg M30

Full Thread Hex Bolt

Ajax bolt co is manufacturer of full thread hex bolts DIN933 with different size and diameter of M5 - M36 .

Full Thread Hex Bolt

Hex Bolt Din6914

Hex Bolt DIN6914 also known as structural bolt, has a higher tensile and sheering stress than standard DIN933 or DIN931 and is usually used in heavy industries and building structures. this bolt is assembled along with DIN6915 Nut and DIN6916 Washer. this kind of bolt is usually manufactured partially threaded and is of 10.9 class of material.

Hex Bolt Din6914

Coated and plain finished hex bolt

Ajax Bolt co is ready to deliver all kinds of hex bolts with plain finishing or cold-galvanized, hot-deep-galvanized and with dacromet or cadmium coating as per your request. Please note that according to standards some structures of hex bolts namely ASTM A490, ASTM A453 can not be hot deep-galvanized.

Coated and plain finished hex bolt
bolt and nut
Half Thread Hex Bolt

Half Thread Hex Bolt

Full thread hex bolts follow DIN931 standard and usually are fastened along with metric nuts DIN934.
Ajax bolt co. is a leading manufacturer of hex bolt and nut in Iran M5-M34.
We are ready to offer you our quotation for plain or coated products.