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Bolt and Nut standard covert table

Bolts and nuts are manufactured according to different standards. some of these standards are Metric having millimeter as basic length standard and some of them have inch as their basic length standard. Therefore, finding equivalent standard from one system to another does not necessarily mean exact equal standard with precise mechanical, dimensional or chemical properties.

Currently, the majority of manufacturing standards are Metric. However, ASTM standard that is one of the most practical standards for manufacturing bolts and nuts is still defined using inch as its primary length dimension. following are the most common standards used for manufacturing bolt and nut. Please note that ASTM standard is only brought within the content of the table to illustrate physical resemblance of this standard to the others and since this standard is not Metric like the others it has different mechanical properties.

Description * ASTM EN ANSI/ASME ISO DIN Fastener Type
Partially threaded coarse thread Hex bolt size 1.6 to 39 mm * F568M EN 24014 B18.2.3.1M ISO 4014 DIN 931 Partially threaded Hex bolt
Fully threaded Hex Bolt Grades A , B * F568M EN 24017 B18.2.3.1M ISO 4017 DIN 933 Fully threaded Hex Bolt
Partially Threaded Fine thread Hex bolt - EN 28765 B18.2.3.1M ISO 8765 DIN 960 Partially Threaded Fine thread Hex bolt
Fully threaded fine thread hex bolt - EN 28676 B18.2.3.1M ISO 8676 DIN 961 Fully threaded fine thread hex bolt
High tensile Structural bolt * A320 - A325 EN 14399-4 B18.2.3.7M ISO 7412 DIN 6914 Structural Bolt
Metric Hex Nuts class 6, 8 and 10 * ASTM A194 EN 24032 B18.2.4.1M ISO 4032 DIN 934 Metric Hex Nuts
Standard Allen Bolt partially threaded class 8.8 , 12.9 * ASTM A574M - B18.3.1M ISO 4762 DIN 912 Allen Bolt - Socket cap screw
Fully threaded or partially threaded Stud bolt ASTM A193 - B18.31.2 ISO 4753 DIN 976 Stud Bolt
Hex bolt with flange - - B18.2.1 ISO 1665 DIN 6921 Hex bolt with flange

Bolt and nut

Bolt and Nut standard covert table